As the week comes to an end, I reflect on what I’ve seen and heard on various news stations. There have been stories of men soliciting young boys for sex or alleged acts of sexual assault. I heard a story of a teenaged girl stabbing her boyfriend with a butcher knife. Human remains were found in an abandoned apartment complex. How long they’ve been there is unknown at this time. The various acts of violence goes on and on. The news anchors have to work together to report the news in a trusting way that will inform, educate and assist. The first half of the news can be so overwhelming at times that I lose interest in watching the second half.  Why bother? Who wants to watch 30 minutes or possibly an hour of hurt, tragedy and despair. The stories can insight feelings of disbelief, anger, helplessness and hopelessness.

However, it is oftentimes during that second half that great stories about survival, triumph and success take place. It is a reminder that with all of the evil and perverted incidents that go on in our society, there are still good people in the world. Efforts are still being made to find the positives in even the worst of situations. It gives hope. It gives promise. A telecast will start out with breaking news and the worst of the worst of events of the day. But, if you watch it until the end, the tempo is usually lighthearted and fun. Sometimes, there’s occasion to smile, maybe even laugh. So, even though the broadcast may have started out less than desirable, the ending gives us reason to believe, to hope and tune in tomorrow.

The beginning stages of overcoming domestic abuse in any form work somewhat the same way as the layout of a typical newscast. In the beginning, it can been difficult to watch and hard to hear. But, you never see a 30 minute or hour long broadcast of one. One person shares the information and the other anchor(s) provide input and support to what’s been shared. As we overcome abuse, we share begin to develop and share different stories. We recognize that we’re not alone. In the end, we smile, we laugh, we trust. We believe in ourselves. And while we know that tomorrow may bring about it’s own share of problems and hurts, we can face it, knowing that in time, we can and will live through it all. Watch the news in its entirety. It’s strategically planned to show you the best and happiest parts of living at the end. It gives you something for which you can look forward to reaching. The same is true for life. Work though the hard times, trust and rely on others and know that in the end, reclaiming your life will bring about a happier, healthier and more productive outcome.