I want to express my sincere thanks to everyone for your support of and collaboration with WIANL and its mission to stop domestic violence and help stabilize victims. WIANL is about to hit the ground running, and I’m very excited about what’s ahead. I appreciate everyone who’s reached out & inquired about our upcoming iniatives and how to get involved. It’s definitely not too late, and I encourage everyone who’s interested in working towards a transition from victim to victorious to please call, inbox or send an email for more information. Please continue to work with and support grassroots efforts such as this one. Join the movement from conversation to change. As a survivor and advocate for domestic violence and change, I can tell you 1st hand the importance of having people to care about you and take an interest in your well being. It is the driving force behind my need to speak up & speak out. Looking forward to working with everyone & keeping you informed in 2012.