June is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Month. PTSD, as it’s widely known, is a mental health condition that’s triggered by a terrifying event-either experiencing it or witnessing it (as defined by mayoclinic.org). Many people, even now, still only associate PTSD to individuals who’ve served in the military that may have been wounded, fought in a war or multiple wars, saw someone get killed, may have had to kill someone themselves or may have been a prisoner of war. Sadly, those who’ve served may have experienced or witnessed several of those examples. Over the years, it has been repeatedly documented that those who have gone through domestic violence may also experience PTSD. Domestic violence can not only cause physical injuries, but it can also establish a number of emotional problems as well. Please consider the following: anxiety, depression, constant memories of the abuse, jumpiness, difficulty concentrating and irritability. As we go through life, we’ve all likely experienced some of this to a certain degree. However, if these things cause you the inability to live your life normally, comfortably and/or safely, AND you have been victimized in some way, it is very possible that you may be suffering from PTSD.

Dr. Gayle Beck leads an excellent program right here in Memphis, TN called The Athena Project. TAP offers free evaluation and treatment services for women who seek help for emotional problems from domestic violence. Dr. Beck is also a board member for WIANL. We are grateful to have someone of her talent and knowledge to assist us with reaching women who may be suffering from PTSD and may not even realize it. To learn more about The Athena Project, please take note of the information shown in the picture or reach out to us.