Wilbert HillMr. Wilbert Hill is a behind the scenes kind of man. Not one for soliciting any fanfare or accolades for the work that he does only makes his contribution to advocacy that much more appreciated. Mr. Hill is a member of the WIANL board who has been a champion of male involvement from the very beginning. He is a supervisor for the Tennessee Correctional Services office in Memphis and facilitates a Batterer’s Intervention Program. While this is a course that is attended by those who have been court ordered to do so, Mr. Hill uses this opportunity to talk openly and honestly with offenders about why they made the decisions they’ve made regarding abuse and to explore healthy, non-combative ways for conflict resolution.

Mr. Hill feels that it is important to see more men become involved with supporting those who have been abused, regardless to whether they are male or female. He believes that seeing more men come forward will help to send a message to the community that abuse is never acceptable, and there are men who are willing to stand in support of the efforts of those rallying to bring tangible change to this issue. We thank Mr. Hill for continuing to help us find ways to make the community more aware about domestic violence and for working with abusers to reconsider their actions. No matter how the clients come to him, he is grateful for the opportunity to work with them and hopefully, inspire a change of heart and different perspective towards reducing recidivism.