Today is National Nonprofit Day! We appreciate every single person who has supported our efforts to bring awareness and advocacy to a cause we care so much about.

Domestic violence impacts more than just a victim and abuser. It affects their families, their friends, their colleagues, and the community at large. Because of the pandemic, cases of domestic abuse have increased significantly. Our continued goal is to ensure victims and survivors have the tangible resources they need to be holistically safe, secure, and self sufficient.

We hosted our first event on October 15, 2010. It was a DV Summit, complete with community vendors, dignitaries, and speakers. We incorporated in 2013 and received our IRS Designation in 2014.

Since our first event, we’ve hosted dozens of other events, including our signature Pamper and Support Day events for victims and survivors, Men’s DV Advocacy Awareness Brunch, cellphone campaign drives, launched our Boots on the Ground Podcast Series as well as a blog series, and have reached thousands via direct services, events, print, television and local and national radio. We love the work that we do and have been able to partner with other agencies to collectively work together for change.

You can continue to support our efforts by volunteering, sharing our website, community resources, or financially via PayPal:; CashApp: $wianl10, or mail: PO Box 1163, Memphis, TN 38101. Also, when you shop on Amazon, your purchases will count towards support for our organization. Select us as your charity of support here:

Thank you for believing in us!!!