The fourth of July is recognized as Independence Day. In the Nation of Islam, it’s also recognized as Founder’s Day. It is another opportunity to celebrate and reflect with friends and family. It’s a day off work. It’s fireworks, family reunions and barbecue.  In other words, it should be a time of peace, love and enjoyment.

For many, it is just another day of (or maybe even an enhanced day) of dealing with some form of abuse. Please take a moment to call or check on someone you know that may be going through abuse. You don’t have to say anything specific. Just let them know that you care and offer whatever support you can. Sometimes, we think that if we can’t do everything, then we don’t do anything. Just do what you can, without judgment and ridicule. If it’s you, then allow others into your circle to love and care for you. YOU are WORTHY and deserve to be happy, loved and safe.

I am honored to celebrate six years of being free of abuse. I celebrate being free of emotional captivity and strife. It is my own personal independence and finding of myself and the beautiful & peaceful life that I deserve. We all deserve this type of life, and I’m honored to be a vessel to help others achieve this level of holistic love and inner peace. ~JP