Awareness. Education. Justice


Community Outreach

We host online and in person events throughout the year to promote advocacy, education and resources. Events such as (Lip) Sync for your Life, Steppin’ Out Against DV, lunch and learns, cell phones, hygiene and other community drives, and various awareness campaigns have afforded us the opportunity to independently and/or collaboratively spread the word about domestic abuse and its intersections.

Our Boots on the Ground Blog Series (formally a podcast) features advocates & activists working in the trenches for community causes and social justice.

Pamper & Support Day

These events were specifically created for victims and survivors. Hosted 2 to 3 times a year, these events have provided a sense of community love, support, relaxation, and resources in safe spaces since 2012. These food, fun, and fellowship events include a peer support session, self care activities, tangible family resources, and personal self care gift bags for each attendee.

Men Against Domestic Violence

In 2012, we began encouraging and promoting male involvement for mentoring, education, and healthy relationships through community events, blogging, and various campaigns. We also started an annual Men’s Brunch where we acknowledge men in the community who use their time, talent, and influence to advocate against abuse.

While men are often viewed in society as the problem regarding abuse, we desire to also display positive images. We believe men are part of the solution.

Policy and Research

We’re committed to being a voice for victims and survivors. Their needs must be heard and respected without judgement. Understanding the current laws & policies is must for positive results and change. There may be legislation being proposed or currently in existence which may help or potentially cause harm.

Learn who your local/state representatives are and what they’re doing in legislation by visiting the Tennessee General Assembly.