“It is an honor to share how much I appreciate Ms. Joyce Parkinson and the awesome work she is doing to educate the masses about the fallout a family experience after living in an unsafe environment where domestic violence is happening, especially for women and children.  She speaks to the issues from a place of understanding…a place of knowing…because she is one of the blessed ones who “rose from the ashes” of domestic violence; and as a result she uses her healing journey to help others.

I am so very proud of Joyce…so proud to know her!  She is a special Angel who is not afraid to speak up and out for hurting individuals who have (or who are) facing a domestic violence situation. I pray for her strength and deep compassion in her efforts!

Joyce Parkinson – A BRIGHT SHINING LIGHT that will not flicker or go out as she continues to bring attention to this important issue – violence against women and children…violence against anyone…the hideous crime called DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.”- In the struggle, I am.