Recently, TN State Representative has drafted a bill which would ban fraternities and sororities on college campuses. You can view the entire article here:

It is my personal and humble opinion that other options can and should be considered. This would only remove the organizations. It doesn’t remove the behavior. It doesn’t teach prevention. It doesn’t encourage intervention. Why not encourage education and condone the behaviors of a few by implementing swift and stern punishment? I believe we should remind individuals of their why these organizations were formed in the first place and challenge a different and more positive way of thinking.

The answer cannot and should not be to just shut down, especially if there is no clear documentation that other strategies and ideas have been tried, tested and the results have been documented. There is no denying that hazing and sexual assaults are a nationwide problem within fraternities and sororities across college campuses. But, paying athletes and changing grades are also documented problems. Do we ban all sports on college campuses as well?

The bottom line is this. Something needs to be done. Everyone is clear on that. The ‘something’ needs to be well thought out with realistic, positive expectations and outcomes. This bill doesn’t come across as one of them.