MEMPHIS, TN (–One in five women in Memphis and Shelby County have been victims of domestic violence. According to experts, domestic violence is an ongoing problem throughout the mid-south.

 On Tuesday, Tasha Thomas was murdered by her estranged husband. Restraining orders and domestic violence charges were not enough to protect the mother of two.   

Domestic violence survivor and the founder of the nonprofit “walking into a new life” Joyce Kyles teaches abused women how to get out of harmful situations.

“I would tell them first to make sure that they tell someone that they trust, talk to someone let them know what’s going on.”

 Kyles says while restraining orders can help, they can also further anger your abuser.

“Don’t rely on the system, use the system navigate the system but don’t rely on it solely. Use your instinct.”

However, that might mean leaving town and going into hiding…….
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