When you think of people who are being the change they want to see in the world, Crystal Clark-Chatman and the work of Beautiful Spirited Women definitely come to mind. Crystal’s humble spirit, radiant smile, hands on approach, and ability to lead while providing others an opportunity to lead and shine are just some of the reasons the children love her and the adults respect and support her. We invite you to read more about the decade long, proven community service of our latest BOTG community leader, Crystal Clark-Chatman.

How long have you been doing what you do? “I started working in the non-profit field back in 2005 and started the Beautiful Spirited Women Girls Mentoring Program in 2009.” 

What types of services does your organization/agency/business provide? “Growing up in the housing projects of Memphis, Tennessee, I felt ill equipped to deal with life’s difficult situations. I wished for a mentor to teach me about the importance of education and self-worth. As an adult, I channeled that desire into action by founding Beautiful Spirited Women (BSW), a non-profit dedicated to empowering and advocating for girls. BSW provides young women with a powerful platform to share their personal experiences with sex, drug abuse, domestic violence, low self-esteem, bullying and depression, and equips them with important life skills to advance in schools and workplaces situations. BSW tackles difficult issues such as poverty and teenage pregnancy by bringing young mothers to talk to program participants, and working with teenagers who hold dreams of one day owning their own businesses. Since inception 9 years ago, BSW spread to eight cities and states, serving 5,000-10,000 constituents each year through workshops, seminars, luncheons and school visits.”

What made you decide to pursue this journey? “This was honestly an assignment from God. I was pretty much in a difficult space in my life during that time. I was so confused about what I wanted to do in life. I always say there are two people you call on when you get in trouble; God and your mama. At that time, I called on God because I truly needed him to guide the next footsteps in my life. I was not in the best situation, but I was grateful how far I have come. Clear as day, after going over my bible study notes, I began to write and BSW in bold letters appeared clear as day on my paper. Of course, I did ask what those letters meant, and he told me later on. The rest is history. I had to be obedient.”

What are some of the most gratifying parts of what you do? “The most gratifying part of doing what I do is having an amazing team of women who truly believe in BSW’s mission and have a passionate heart for the girls in the world, especially in the program. I am also happy to know that the girls enjoy the program, remain very active and love pouring into each other. They believe in us and love us for being their mentors. To see their texts, emails, posts, or to hear their feedback is priceless.”

What are some of the most disheartening things about what you do? “The most disheartening thing is not having enough (resources) to do the things we truly want to do for them. We know that time will come, but the opportunities that we await are prayerfully right around the corner.”

Do you have any events coming up? “Yes! We have the 2020 #WECANBSW Girls Explosion Drive Through Parade July 25th! This event is for girls who have already registered. Also we have Talk It Out Tuesday Virtual Summer Camp that is hosted on zoom every Tuesday Night at 6pm-8pm. Our open enrollment for our Teen Girls and Girls Cupcake Program is open. Please contact our Memphis Teen Girls Director (12-19) bsw.chanelsharp@gmail.com Chanel Sharp and Memphis Cupcake Girls Director (4-11) Jaria Starkey  jariasharkeybsw@gmail.com – Clarksville Teen Girls Director Toni Bryant -Parker bsw.tonibryantparker@gmail.com and Memphis Cupcake Director ( 4-11) Crystal Clark-Chatman beautifulspiritedwomen@gmail.com.”

Do you have any needs that would help you better do what you do? “We are in need of our own safe-haven facility, full time graphic designer, laptops, arts/crafts, undergarments, hygiene kits, and printers!”

What main point(s) do you want the readers to take away from this article? “The main points we want readers to take away from this article is to always take self out of the equation, become who you needed when you were younger, and invest in our future leaders.” 

How can people get in touch with you? Website: beautifulspiritedwomen.org, Email: beautifulspiritedwomen@gmail.com, Instagram: @beautifulspiritedwomen, Facebook: Beautiful Spirited Women, Twitter: bswblessings and LinkedIn: Crystal Clark-Chatman