Roshunda Buchanan has such a quiet spirit with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Always professional. Always giving. She is a leader and team player. She knows what to do in front of the camera as well as behind the scenes. She’s one of those people you’d like to clone. Ironically, she actually has a twin sister!lol However, she, like her sister, has her own niche and identity. We are happy to share more about her in this space. As our latest BOTG Blog Series Installment, we invite you to learn more about the multi-talented Roshunda Buchanan.

How long have you been doing what you do? “I began writing out my aspirations in nonprofit work, and 2Unique Ministries was birthed in 2005. Then, I began working in the nonprofit sector in 2006. As I began to develop professionally in the nonprofit sector, my organization became a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, and I changed the name to 2Unique Community Salvation Foundation. I have an Associate’s Degree in Psychology. So,I went back to school and designed my own degree at the University of Memphis and received a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Organizational Leadership and Nonprofit Development.”

What types of services does your organization? “We provide customized career track programming such as professional development training and entrepreneurial skills training for youth and young adults. Our focus is to address the vast disconnect between personal talent and employment opportunities.”

Services provided:

  • Youth Entrepreneurship-Business Mentorship & Development
  • Counseling & Resource Mapping
  • Business Consulting & Development
  • Staffing & Recruitment Referrals
  • Continuous Project Improvement/Management
  • Experiential Education Portfolio Development Guidance
  • Skills Matching/Advisory Sessions
  • Nonprofit Management/Leadership Training
  • Marketing & Public Relations

What made you decide to pursue this journey? “There are so many youths without mentors. There were guidance counselors in schools when I was in school. However, I never received any assistance because I did not really understand their job description.  I was that A, B and sometimes C student. During that time, the only careers pushed were to be a doctor, lawyer, teacher, police officer, fireman, etc. I didn’t know nonprofit work existed when I was in high school. No one in my school pulled me to the side to help me “Find My Design”, my potential or ‘what I was created or designed to do in life’.  God showed me that throughout the years. God showed me who I was, and He is continuing to unfold who I am in Him. Therefore, I designed a program titled “Find Your Design” Career Track & Leadership. My desire is to take participants and give them a holistic approach through tier-level career tracking by taking them from Entry-Level to Professional Level. My goal is to help youth and young adults identify their God given talents and show them how to sharpen those tools and master it through professional development training.” 

What are some of the most gratifying parts of what you do? “The most gratifying part about what I do is being able to witness youth participants excel in their craft, as well as watch some of them blossom. Also, being able to show them how to overcome obstacles and any barriers they face. It truly takes a village to raise a child. ‘One child’. It goes back to the bible, ‘Seed Time and Harvest’. What you plant, water and nurture is the result of your Harvest. It is important that we impart in our youth because they are the next generation. They are carrying the torch, and what ‘we’ impart in them will be the fruit of our labor; so to speak.”

What are some of the most disheartening things about what you do? “Youth being murdered that you were not able to reach. Sometimes, no matter how many times you advise and mentor youth, they still have to make a conscious decision to want to walk a better path. Unfortunately, some do not make the right decision in a timely manner, and that could shorten their lifespan.” 

Do you have any events coming up? “Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we do not have any events for the remainder of the year. However, we are doing some wonderful things virtually on our social media platform such as giving donations to small businesses and giveaways from the 2Unique Closet Boutique.” 

Do you have any needs that would help you better do what you do? “I would have to say more funding would help us staff full-time employees. A lot of what we do comes from our personal finances.”

What main point(s) do you want the readers to take away from this article? “Through extensive research, 2Unique found that students on many academic levels graduate unprepared to immediately obtain employment due to a lack of work experience, but primarily because of poor preparation in professional business acumen and effective work practices. We must align people with the right job opportunities and match those skill sets in order to make a major impact on the organizations they are working for.  In order to find your ‘true’ legacy you must first ‘Find Your Design’.

Our nation is in a state of emergency. The U.S. has 22 million unemployed as the economy continues to sink. Now is the time to revolutionize the workforce. Everyone has a social responsibility to their community, and I want to be a part of the solution. However, it is imperative that we work together and not divided.”  

How can people get in touch with you? “You can reach me at, My email address is My social media handles are @Roshunda Buchanan @2UniqueCommunitySalvationFoundation.”

About Roshunda Buchanan: Roshunda Buchanan created 2Unique Magazine which is a product of her local nonporift organization 2Unique Community Salvation Foundation. She is a skilled public/community relations professional and authentic celebrity journalist who was appeared on several local TV and radio shows. These credentials have resulted in providing media coverage for national PR agencies at prestigious events from Essence Festival to the BET Awards/BET LIVE Experience. She also received the Best of 2019 local business award, Mtenzi Award Honoree for Best Activest Publication and was named one Memphis flyers’s “20 under “30” who is making a difference in the Memphis, TN community in 2010.

Roshunda is a Leadership Memphis graduate, possesses an Associates’s degree in Psychology and a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Organizational Leadership and Nonprofit Development. She holds a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification.