BORN TO Win email2Born 2 Win concert, A Survivor’s Journey to be held in April 4, 2014, in Memphis, TN  our goal is designed to offer survivors the opportunity to grace the stage through inspirational music. Many times those suffering from cancer, domestic violence, sexual assault or other adversities are not physically or mentality able to commit but, have the gifting to sing and would love to sing, however, their illnesses prevents such a wonderful act.

Participants will be able to register for $30 which includes B2W T-Shirt and DVD/CD. Each participant will share their story for the Born 2 Win book, entitled, Born 2 Win-A Survivor’s Journey.

The one day event will be recorded for participants and their supporters!

Each participant has the opportunity to share their story of overcoming adversity. In hopes other women can feel and see they, too can overcome adversity. Visit for complete details.