Our month long celebration of honoring fathers and father figures continues with Mr. Jeremiah Anthony Smith. Mr. Smith was nominated by Jasmine Wright.

Mr. Smith currently resides in Memphis, TN and is currently employed at FedEx. He is also works as a private contractor in the flooring business, something he enjoys doing a great deal. His place of worship is Deliverance Temple C.O.G.I.C.

Jasmine provided further proof of why these celebrations are important to share when she provided the following reason for choosing to nominate him:

“I choose to nominate Mr. Jeremiah Anthony Smith because he is a very active and supportive biological father of two young children and is the proud adoptive parent of another child who previously existed in his former marriage. Mr. Smith is a very hard working & extremely dedicated. He often shows his acts of love for his children through providing them with quality time, love and his presence. I salute this young man for all the sacrifices he has made for the benefit of his children and pushing through and over any of life’s hurdles and obstacles that may come his way. I admire this young man for not seeing and making any differences between his once blended family and still being a positive role model to all of his children. This young man is filled with the spirit of God and it shows in his personal walk in life. Mr. Smith also uses the power of prayer to succumb any hardship that may come his way. On this day and everyday, I salute this young man for all his admirable accomplishments with his role as a true and dear father.”

We appreciate Jasmine for nominating Mr. Smith and sharing this warm and encouraging example of perseverance and fatherhood.