KP profileKevin Phipps is a man of true character and courage. As one of our recipients of  the Male DV Advocacy award, we are grateful to his dedication and service to the cause of domestic violence and sexual assault, and we will continue to support his efforts.

Kevin is a man of God, serving in a ministerial position within his church. This survivor of domestic violence is also a loving husband and father. He is a supervisor with Pretrial Services with Shelby County Government and a board member for Walking Into A New Life. Kevin is a former boxer, a member of the Unique Steppers of Memphis and member of VOICES of Memphis and Shelby County, a speaker’s bureau for survivors. As you can see, he is living a happy, well rounded life.

We are so very proud of Kevin. He has overcome obstacles and stereotypes to find and use his voice to help others who may be going through or have gone through abuse. As we all know, men can and often are abused. Unfortunately, men are far less likely to report and/or speak out about abuse because of the criticism and stereotypes associated with men and abuse. Men are often seen as the perpetrators solely. They are viewed as weak, helpless and less manly because as men, they should have been able to just ‘handle’ or ‘control’ the situation.  We have some initiatives being put in place for 2014 that include the encouragement and request for support for male victims and survivors. You can be sure that Kevin Phipps will be among those leading the way to assist with bringing about a change in the perception and support for all who’ve encountered or currently dealing with abuse.