dvsummitThe Born2Win community summit offered a wealth of information, inspiration and overall community engagement. The panel consisted of a very unique and diverse background in the areas of health, wellness, law enforcement, survivors and the clergy. The purpose was multifaceted. We wanted to bring awareness and education regarding the different aspects of abuse. We wanted to show how it affects every part of our community and in every age group, race, religion, sexual orientation and financial status. We wanted to make the community more aware of the resources that are available to help individuals transition from victim to victorious.

The panel answered questions that were submitted prior to the summit, as well as questions asked by attendees. The summit actually went over the time allotted. This was actually a great thing, as it showed the level of engagement and interest that the attendees have in understanding more about domestic violence, where to go for help and the need for more events such as this one. The attendees were interested in our concept of doing more that having a ‘meet to meet’. They were sincerely interested in how to translate the information into tools that will promote change.

The summit was a prerequisite to the Born2Win Choir Concert to take place on June 6, 2014. Pictured from left to right are the panelist: Michelle Chaisson, co-owner of Creative Mental Health, Counselor, Ieshea Hartwell, Founder/Executive Director of Agapè Christian Counseling Center, Clinical/Christian Counselor, Elizabeth Shelley, Director of Community Education and Advocate for the YWCA’s Immigrant Women’s Services and Abused Women’s Services, and Bennie Cobb, owner of Eagle Eye Security & Training Services, Retired Captain of the Shelby County Sheriff’s office. Not pictured is Marron Thomas, Pastor of Innovation Church & Executive Director of Leadership Empowerment Center. Pastor Thomas is, however, featured in our Men Against Domestic Violence blog for April. Please see his featured photo and article there dated April 8, 2014.