Overcoming-Obstacles-Mind-Map-2000pxThis year, we have chosen “Elimination of Intimidation” as our theme. It is our goal to assist individuals to eliminate anything in their lives that may be holding them back from living the best that life has to offer. Oftentimes, people feel that they are less deserving of having health, wealth, love, happiness and holistic peace because of the choices they’ve made or because someone told them that they didn’t deserve it. It plays such a heavy emotional toll on them that they buy into it, believe it and make it part of their lives. They feel that because they didn’t receive the promotion they wanted, the man they wanted, the woman they wanted or their health is not where they want it to be, that they must settle into a sense of failure and inadequacy. I know. I’ve been there.

As I have shared before, 2013 was one of the best years I’ve ever experienced. However, 2014 immediately started out being one of several challenges in a number of areas. My first response was to allow fear, sadness and frustration to dictate certain feelings about me and others. It almost got the better of me. I didn’t want to challenge anything or anyone because I was afraid of the fallout. I was afraid of the hurt. I was afraid of coming against others. I was afraid to challenge myself. I had settled into a certain comfort zone. The more I did this, however, the more I discovered that I am unhappy, and in turn, I’ve made others become concerned about me and/or added unnecessary stress. So, what did I decide to do? I decided to face every situation, examine it, accept what I cannot change and make the necessary changes to those things that I can. I have come to terms with the fact that I’ve done my absolute best with some things. I know the plans that I have for my personal and professional life, and I need to see them through, regardless of who comes with me, who believes in me and who genuinely supports me.

Is this an easy thing to do? Absolutely not! Most of us have been intimidated by something at one time or another. For some, it may have been an intimate abusive relationship. For others, it may have been an employer or a co worker. Still others may have had parents, siblings or other family members who’ve caused a feeling of a negative sense of confidence and security. You may be reading this and realize that you fit in one or all of these categories, either in the past or in the present. I challenge you to not let this dictate your future. 

Intimidation is a form of bullying. It is a type of coercion that can keep you down in spirit and prohibit you from moving forward. It’s time to eliminate it from your life once and for all. Remove yourself from anything, anyone or anyplace that does not propel you to go higher, go further, stand stronger and add quality and purpose to your existence.

Realize that some situations are bigger than you. Having an accountability partner will prove to be helpful. Don’t allow yourself to be intimidated by your own thoughts and perceptions about you. Write down words like beautiful, strong, courageous, survivor and smart. Every time you find yourself having thoughts of what makes you less than who you are, remind yourself of the positive things that prove that you’re more than just here to exist.

You are here to live. You are hear to thrive. You are a walking, talking, living and breathing testimony that you are not a victim of circumstances. Refuse to be intimated by things that are intended to bring you down. Get them out of your life. I guarantee you that standing up to intimidation is not nearly as hurtful and painful as it is to continue to holding on to the root of the intimidation in the first place. Eliminate it, and watch the doors and windows of opportunity open up, embrace you and take you to new heights of holistic happiness that you never thought possible. You will look back one day and wonder what took you so long to get here. You’ll look back on what you overcame, and you will be proud.