February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness month. We believe that it’s very important to communicate with our youth about domestic violence. Teenage years is such an important and delicate time. Peer pressure is high. Learning about what’s going on with your body and your thoughts can be scary and confusing. The need to be loved and accepted is important. It’s a natural feeling to have. Unfortunately, many of us, young and young at heart, will put ourselves in a place of vulnerability in order to be accepted and feel loved.

On our facebook page, we’ll be sharing organizations who focus on youth as well as events being hosted with an emphasis on young people. We’ll also share inspiring and educational articles here.  If you work with young people and have NOT included domestic violence in your conversations or curriculum, we humbly ask that you consider doing so asap. Hopefully, you will find inspiration from the articles we share here and/or our social media posts. If you are working with the youth and have a Teen Dating Violence program or event, we’d love to hear from you.

Please check out this article from The Chicago Tribune featuring students who have put together PSAs on the subject of Teen Dating Violence Awareness. We are so excited to see these young people as well as others who are stepping up and speaking out about this subject. Their voices can help to change the minds and perceptions of their peers and encourage awareness and prevention. https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-met-teen-dating-violence-student-athletes-20180130-story.html

Photo Credit Information: Riverside Brookfield High School senior Emily Graham and Lockport Township High School senior Dominic Wistocki pose during the production of dating violence awareness PSAs. (Henry Villarreal / Buddy’s Helpers)