Today, I was given the awesome opportunity to sit front and center to hear from renowned heroes and speakers which included Leigh Anne Tuohy, Terry Bradshaw, Steve Forbes, John Walsh, Gen Colin Powell, James Smith, Laura Bush and Rudy Giuliani. The event was the “Get Motivated” Business Seminar. And while this was indeed a seminar about business, there were many relevant life’s lessons to be learned that I feel are fitting for domestic violence victims and those who are either transitioning out or currently living victoriously. We not only have to get to a victorious state. We need the proper tools/reminders to stay there. Below, I’ve listed a few takeaways to consider (paraphrased):

1. Always have something to do, someone to love, something to hope for and something to believe in-Lou Holtz

2. W.I.N. – What’s Important Now-Lou Holtz

3. Be tough-Gen Colin Powell

4. Doesn’t matter where you’re coming from; only where you’re going-Brian Tracy

5. Know who you are-Laura Bush

6. Life is all about overcoming-Terry Bradshaw

7. You’re alive; life is good. I like me some life-Terry Bradshaw

8. Smiling is wonderful. Fake it if you have to-Terry Bradshaw

9. Take charge of YOU-Terry Bradshaw

10. Focus on your purpose-Lou Holtz