As we continue to honor fathers and father figures this month, we are pleased to share Mr. Troy Chatman of Clarksville, TN. His place of worship is with Hilldale Church of Christ. He enjoys cooking, traveling and reading and is currently employed with Beaman Nashville.

He was nominated by his devoted wife, Mrs. Crystal Chatman. When asked why she chose to nominate her husband, here’s what she had to say:

“First, I will tell you how my husband cares about me. My husband is the kindest person I ever met. He helps me if I need help with my ministry and never complains. Suppose I need help with an event. Not to worry, my husband is there! My husband can do anything for me! He always guides me on the right path and prays with me always. If I do something wrong, then he will tell me why and what I am doing is wrong. Then, he’ll tell me the right thing to do. My husband will sacrifice his own time to help me with things.

My husband even finds time to help other people. He is also a wonderful father to our children and goes beyond the call of duty to help them with everything they need. He works so many hours a day and still comes home and finds the strength to play and talk with them. He is our LION, our WARRIOR, the GREATEST and most of all, our PROTECTION. He is the true example of a REAL HUSBAND and GREAT FATHER. These are the reasons why I think my husband should be recognized.”

Crystal, we couldn’t agree with you more! Thank you for sharing such beautiful words about your wonderful husband. We appreciate his devotion to his family and his unselfish and caring spirit.