Today, we are pleased to present to you Mr. C L Tim Williams as our Featured Father/Father Figure.  He was nominated by his son, C L Tim Williams.

As always, we love reading about why individuals have chosen to nominate their particular father/father figure. Here’s his response:

“He takes the time to run a non-profit organization that supports other local non-profits and community organizations. He is an awesome father to me and my sister and a very supportive grandfather to our children He uplifts and edifies me and had brought me in as a board member of Always Giving Back (AGB) Memphis, Inc. He is an active advocate of raising awareness of domestic violence, holds free seminars on effective public speaking and prostate cancer screening among other things.”

Mr. Williams resides in Arlington, TN and works for US DOL OF CCP. His place of worship is Bible Standard Ministries and his favorite hobby is audiophile. We appreciate Mr. Williams for his positive examples always giving back in the community as well as at home. Happy Fathers Day to you!