Today’s father/father figure is Mr. Isaac Stovall. He was nominated by Ms. LaQuisha D. Rucker-Fields. Mr. Stovall currently resides in Memphis, TN and is employed by FedEx. When asked why she chose to nominate him, she shared the following response:

“Because to me he’s the epitome of what a father looks like, should be and stand for. He came into my life when I was 17 and he’s been there ever since always treating me like I was completely his! He’s stood for me when my legs couldn’t, he’s loved me when I didn’t even love myself, he’s held me when all I needed was that and he’s provided for me never wanting anything in return! Marriage brought us together but love made us family!”

We really appreciate LaQuisha for her beautiful remarks about Mr. Stovall. It’s a wonderful example of fathers not always being biological, but rather, about being responsible, loving and actively involved in their children’s lives. Thank you, Mr. Stovall, for being an example to follow.