As we conclude our Love After Series, we thought it would be appropriate to share the story of Jason and Joyce Kyles. Joyce is the Executive Director of Walking Into A New Life, Inc. She is also a national speaker, best selling author and enjoys conducting 1 on 1 sessions as well as group sessions for personal development, among her many other points of interest. Jason has been volunteering his time and talents to the organization since the beginning. He created the logo and built the website. He handles much of the technical side of the organization. Although they’ve been married for about 3 1//2 years now, they still consider themselves newlyweds. They consider their ‘set-up’ friendship helped to lay the foundation for their working and professional relationship.

Joyce has often shared about her abusive relationships of the past. The first one being more physical. The abuse for her actually started at 16 years of age. Because there was no physical abuse taking place, she didn’t know that she was being abused. He was controlling and condescending at times. She recalls her first physical altercation with him at 18 years old. That relationship had her in fear of her life. She would eventually leave and live the next few years of her life learning to love herself and getting involved with school, various ministries and community activities. But, she found herself in another abusive relationship which lasted much longer and did not include any physical activity. In her opinion, that relationship was far worse. She found herself emotionally broken, financially challenged and without many tangible resources needed to take care of herself and her family.

In addition, she learned she was being laid off work. One day, an attractive, professional business man came to her place of employment. One of the employees thought he was a nice guy and encouraged him to wait in the lobby for Joyce, who at the time, was at lunch. When she returned, the co-worker told her the businessman was waiting in the lobby to talk with her. She and the man, who was Jason, quickly realized they had been set up. After the initial embarrassment, they began to talk and realized they had several things in common. He encouraged her to start a business for herself. As their friendship grew, she became more comfortable with sharing her experiences with domestic abuse. They began to learn more about each other, their individual and joint aspirations. She would share her story around the community. He would always be there to support her, take photos, set up vendor spaces and help her to spread her message. In 2013, they decided to transition their friendship and business relationship into a courtship. They got married August 1, 2014. It it symbolic for them because the number 8 is representative of new beginnings and it was the first day of the month. When you add up the year 2014, you get the number 7. Seven is represents completion. They have completed their courtship phase and now on a new journey as husband and wife.

Her advice is to not go looking for love. Be sure that you are loving yourself, clear about what you need and what you can bring to the relationship. Be honest, establish a solid spiritual foundation and communicate, communicate, communicate!!! Love after abuse is possible, and it is beautiful.