643946_10151199229797044_768322338_nKelley Alsobrook is the Executive Director of Ashes2Beauty, Inc.  We encourage you to visit the website, www.ashes2beautyministry.org, to learn more about Kelley, the organization and ways that you can become involved.

Kelley is a Walking Into A New Life, Inc board member and brings a great deal of knowledge and passion to our team as a survivor of human trafficking and domestic violence. Her commitment to helping others is welcomed, appreciated and needed. We are pleased to share that she’s recently been nominated for Victim Advocate of the Year. The awards ceremony will take place April 25th beginning at 5:00 pm at First Baptist Broad, 2835 Broad Avenue, Memphis, TN 38112.

We at WIANL, Inc, would like to take this time to wish her a very happy birthday weekend, congratulations on recent promotions and speaking engagements and best wishes on her advocacy nomination. We are happy to work with someone who’s being a doer within the community.