If we truly want to see positive change take place in our community, we must be the change we want to see. Domestic violence is running rampant within our community, destroying families and ruining the lives of both young and old. We see it, we talk about it, shake our heads, feel bad and then we turn the channel, walk away, get back on the phone or go back to work. Then of course, there are the ones who gossip. You know the ones. They look and whisper, make assumptions and accusations, but that’s as far as it goes.

The problem is, there are not enough people willing to step up, speak out and then continue with their efforts for change. If we really want to help ourselves and our community, we’ve got to be the change we want to see. We cannot afford to wait for someone or some group to come in and save us. We’ve got to save ourselves. How do we do that? It starts with one person; one person willing to go the extra mile, despite the opposition, the persecution, the ridicule and the disbelief. It takes courage. It takes an unshakable faith. You have to believe in yourself when no one else does. You have to go places that others dare not travel. If you want to encourage others to get out of a bad situation, you have to be willing to do it yourself. Trust me, you’re far more credible.

My goal is to show people that I am a success. I’m a survivor. I took a series of bad personal and professional relationships and turned them into something positive and beneficial to others. My passion is sincere and so is my strength. I cry, I get hurt, I get mad & I get frustrated. Then, I get up, I get motivated and I remember why I’m doing this. I remember why this walk is important. I know that there are many more men, women and children that need to hear and see someone who’s been a victim turned survivor. They need to see and hear someone they can relate to, knowing that I am not ashamed nor afraid. It is my goal to be viewed as a positive example of what it means to not only survive, but also, to thrive. I want to establish hope and belief in the system, in others but most of all, belief in yourself.