October is National Domestic Violence Awareness month. We see stories of abuse every day on television, social media and in print. Unfortunately, it is everywhere and it continues to plague communities around the world. Intimate partner violence is what we commonly refer to when we think of domestic violence. Meaning, those who are engaged in a relationship with another individual. It could be a heterosexual or same sex relationship. Despite the many stories you see and read regarding unhealthy relationships, we invite you to read a few stories of those who have found healthy relationships and fallen in love again.

The stories you’ll read throughout the month are those of men and women who found ways to love themselves and were, in turn, able to open their minds and hearts to romantically love someone else. It is a huge risk, but one they are all happy to have taken. We did this about 4 years ago, but felt it was time to share it again. Stay tuned each week as we re-share previous stories and introduce a few new ones.