Men Against Domestic Violence


White Ribbon Campaign

The White Ribbon Campaign is an internationally recognized movement. We presented it to our community as an initiative to bring men together in solidarity to promote more innovative and proactive ways to address domestic violence. We wanted to show the community that we have men who care about advocating against abuse, and the women who stand with and support their efforts.

Lunch and Learn Featuring Tony Porter

This special Lunch and Learn community wide event turned the focus on men, getting out of the ‘man box’, and ways we can work strategically work together as allies in the community. We were pleased to bring back international lecturer, author, NFL advisor and CEO of A Call To Men, Anthony ‘Tony’ Porter for another powerful and engaging presentation.

Men’s DV Advocacy Awards 2012-19

Throughout the years, we’ve highlighted the works of men in our community who’ve provided a specific emphasis of support for domestic violence advocacy. They are businessmen, educators, CEOs, pastors, social workers or men who want to change the narrative of abuse by being a positive role model. We thank them for their time, talents, and showing survivors and the community at large that good, honorable, supportive men do indeed exist.

Men’s DV Advocacy Brunch 2010

Our first initiative focusing on men’s advocacy. It was our way to introduce men in a positive light, encourage education, men as role models and mentors, and an overall push a call to action for men to identify other men to join women in this work as allies. Our special guest was international lecturer, author, NFL advisor, and CEO Anthony ‘Tony’ Porter of A Call to Men.