mens brunchSince 2010, our Men Against Domestic Violence arm has focused on engaging men and has hosted a Men’s Advocacy Brunch where we’ve honored men in the community who have been doing great things regarding domestic violence and sexual assault. We’ve used this event as a platform to address these issues from a men’s perspective. It has since grown into a positive movement for advocacy and positive change. It has provided a platform for men to speak out as survivors of abuse, step up their commitment to work together and with women as advocates, encourage their own pursuits and more.

Over the few weeks, we will be sharing a more in depth look into the lives of our past honorees and their missions to keep the mission of justice and equality alive. We invite you to read about them, share their information and connect with them. We’re moving full speed ahead with MADV and hope to have you join us. Send an email to and ask how you can get involved and help us to bring about more awareness and change.