“I met Joyce Parkinson when i was working at MIFA Housing Opportunities for Life as as the Life and Wellness Counselor. I attended a meeting in the social services community that was geared toward working with the Homeless Community. It was there that I first heard Joyce tell her story. She was a stranger then. I now consider her my friend.

I learned during this  meeting that consisted of at least 25 agencies that Joyce was a single mother, who CHOSE to become a single mother because she refused to be abused (In every sense of the word) anymore.

A woman (Who would not be described as ignorant) laid her personal and private history of abuse on an open social and professional alter in order to not only share her journey of pain, but to heal others in the process of doing so.

Let me be clear.

NOT Ignorant. Educated.
CHOSE. Left by her own resolution.
HOMELESS. She and  her children became homeless, before she allowed them or herself to become VICTIMS.

The next thing I MUST mention. She was UNEMPLOYED when I met her. Imagine.

TENACITY. It takes tenacity to use your PERSONAL history to place yourself on any type of platform and expose your weakness in order to pursue a career to assist others.

Joyce will tell you her story, I am quite sure. What do I hope that this project, this book, this whatever will BECOME. JOYCE has overcome, but she still does not smile when I see her without PAIN being a shouting whisper in her actions and voice.

THIS? THIS. Whatever it is, will FINALLY set her free.

I love JOYCE. She LOVES her anointed and directed journey and teaching of truth. NOW, I want JOYCE to smile with NO reservations no looks of weariness. I pray that this project will begin to bring the solace to a soul that has already overcome.”


Michelle Antoinette Montgomery, A Woman