Microenterprise Development

Oftentimes, individuals leave abusive relationships with little to no financial sense of stability. They have special talents and skills that are either suppressed or never realized due to their unstable environment. Participants have the opportunity to engage in an assessment which includes level of education, hobbies, skills and goal setting. This information is used as a guide to assist in the participant’s specific goals and needs. He/She will receive training & proper referrals on how to utilize their specific skill sets and create self employment opportunities for him/herself, as well as receiving information regarding employment within the community. In addition to discovering one’s knowledge, skills and abilities regarding job creation, participants are presented with counseling and educational pieces custom tailored to their specific situation which assists with holistic healing and self sufficiency.

An overview of the process for victims/survivors:

Complete a comprehensive assessment of holistic needs of clients to include health and wellness, job readiness, counseling, education and microenterprise development

Enrollment into our employment program to receive workforce training, self-employment opportunities, counseling, peer mentoring

Invitation/Information regarding trainings, workshops, support group initiatives and programs