We are enjoying a beautiful Spring day here in Memphis, TN. Children are out playing, men and women alike are walking hiking trails, playing tennis or basketball or simply just sitting outside reading a book or doing absolutely nothing at all. We often times use days like this to do our ‘spring cleaning’. We pack away our winter gear and pull out the bright, crisp colors representative of the season. We take inventory of what we have and what we still need, make a list, head to the department and/or home improvement store. We make our selections based on our needs, return home and make application. It is important to take this same inventory of ourselves when making strides as a victim of abuse.

One can make all of the home improvements and buy a wardrobe of new clothes¬† necessary to make the outside appearance beautiful. It is certainly a step in the right direction towards establishing new beginnings. Make each day a new beginning from within. Find those things that make you feel good about you on the inside and aggressively build on that. It will be those things that will sustain you on the days when you can’t buy a new dress or piece of furniture. I will be the first to tell you that I am a huge fan of shoes, and I welcome the opportunity to go shopping for eccentric, yet affordable, footwear. But, the thing that really helps me to feel new again and again is writing. I learn something new about myself when I write. Every day is a new way to search for self reflection.

Whatever you do as you head into this beautiful new season, always make sure that you embrace new opportunities towards a happier and better you. And, if you’re the one doing the encouraging, remind the individual you’re assisting that everyday is a new day, a new beginning, a new positive outlook on life, love, peace and blessings.