Purple Pledge: Jocelyn Bougard-Hays

Thank you, Jocelyn Bougard-Hays, for taking the Purple Pledge!

I, Jocelyn Bougard-Hays, pledge to promote awareness. I want women to know that they deserve a life of respect. That one day, their story may be the key to unlock someone else’s prison.

Purple Pledge: Kamilla Barton

Thank you, Kamilla Barton, for taking the Purple Pledge!

I, Kamilla Barton, pledge to believe survivors, report acts of abuse, stand up for victims, and promote awareness to the community.

Purple Pledge: Tamaira Walker

Thank you, Tamaira Walker, for taking the Purple Pledge!

I, Tamaira Walker, pledge to continue being a leader to my generation and helping the ones that need it the most. It’s not easy being a survivor and advocate at 23. But, I know with God by my side, I can do whatever I put my mind to.

Purple Pledge: Marrisa Jackson

Thank you Marrisa Jackson for taking the Purple Pledge!

I, Marrisa Jackson, pledge to: “I raise my voice not so I can shout but those without a voice can be heard.” – Malala

This is why I speak out, why I’m a resource for others, why I’m blessed to be here!

Purple Pledge: Paris Ducker

Thank you, Paris Ducker, for taking the Purple Pledge!

I pledge to support DV Advocacy by using my resources, showing support, partnering with others in this fight. I pledge to believe survivors, stand up for victims and report cases of abuse. I pledge to promote awareness in our community.

Purple Pledge: Maggie Thompson

Thank you, Maggie Thompson, for taking the Purple Pledge!

I, Maggie Thompson, pledge to always believe survivors. I will continue to help validate and support survivors of domestic violence. I will help educate the community and help instill hope for all persons affected by domestic violence.

Purple Pledge: Amber Johnson

Thank you, Amber Johnson, for taking the Purple Pledge!

I, Amber Johnson, pledge to stand up victims who suffer and are going through domestic violence. It’s ok to speak up. My sisters and brothers, it’s never ok to just seen. Get loud & be heard because we are listening. Abuse is never ok. Mentally, physically or emotionally. We are here and we are listening.

Purple Pledge: Joyce Kyles

Thank you, Joyce Kyles for taking the Purple Pledge!

I, Joyce Kyles, pledge to continue my efforts of advocacy & activism to provide & support the tangible needs & rights of victims and survivors of domestic abuse.

Purple Pledge: Stephanie Deion

Thank you, Stephanie Deion for taking the Purple Pledge!

I, Stephanie Deion, pledge to: Promote awareness on domestic violence.

Purple Pledge: Judy Brown

Thank you, Judy Brown, for taking the Purple Pledge!

I, Judy K. Brown pledge to stand up for victims, promote awareness in my community, and support educational programs that offer assistance to victims and their families.