559267_4628001338060_353418620_nMemphis area dentist, Dr. Marrio Thomas, is using his medical practice to provide self esteem and self confidence to victims of domestic violence, as well as other crimes involving injury to one’s teeth.

If a person has broken or missing teeth, it oftentimes makes them feel very uncomfortable. It gives them a lack of self confidence. It makes them feel as though others are staring at them. And, when you compound that with the trauma of a crime, the emotional and psychological affects can be long term. That’s where Dr. Marrio Thomas, owner of Dr. Marrio Smiles, comes into the picture.

If you’ve been a victim of any crime and have filed a police report, Dr. Thomas and his trained, professional staff will work with you and assist in securing resources to aid in the reduction of dental costs. You must have filed a police report that includes information about injuries related to your teeth. As Dr. Thomas and I talked (or Dr. Marrio, as he’s affectionately called), we discussed the fact that so many times, people are embarrassed to share the nature of their dental injuries.

As always, I encourage anyone who has been a victim of a crime, please report it to the police and be honest about the injuries you’ve sustained as a result of your crime. There are services available, like Dr. Marrio’s, that are ready and willing to help your restore your confidence, esteem and overall health.

We are extremely thankful to people like Dr. Thomas who have chosen to use their knowledge, skills and abilities to help others.  Be sure to check out Dr. Marrio Thomas for all of your dental needs: Dr. Marrio Smiles, 670 Colonial, Memphis, TN 38117, (901) 537-2915, www.drmarrio.com.