Support and Referrals


What We Do

Emergency Assistance Fund

Emergency housing. Relocation. Basic necessities. Personal items. Safe communication options. Our flexible spending card program provides emergency assistance and an extra boost of financial support for those impacted by domestic abuse. We provide these tangible resources to assist with eliminating barriers, giving recipients some options for safety and self sufficiency for themselves and their families.


We are grateful for the relationships we’ve established and maintained over the years with agencies who provide collaborative services to assist individuals impacted by abuse and trauma. If we are contacted by an individual or agency regarding programs or services we don’t provide, we do our best to directly refer them to other agencies for help and support. See Resources

Financial Sustainability 

Our financial sustainability program is designed to implement the principles of financial literacy to include safe banking account options, savings, short/long term goal setting, etc. Victims are mentally exhausted. Being financially challenged only adds to the frustration and stress.

In addition, we’re including peer support sessions to address one’s mental health and wellness. Everyone deserves the opportunity to be holistically healthy, happy, and hopeful about their walk into a new life

Microenterprise Development

Cooking, sewing, writing, creating candles, gift baskets, cosmetics, or any number of hobbies are talents which can potentially create and maintain a stream of income. We will connect you with the individuals and resources needed to confidently walk through the process. We’ll provide support for a survivor’s dream of business ownership to include business plan development, technical assistance, and business funding.