Our mission is to provide community awareness and tangible resources for individuals impacted by domestic abuse. We have been awarded a COVID-19 Community Emergency Assistance grant, thanks to the generosity and support of SisterReach. This grant has provided us with gift cards for our Flex Spending Gift Card program for recipients to use in the way that’s best for their households. In addition, SisterReach has provided us with sex kits-a tangible resource for those who desire to practice safe sex. REQUIRED: Must reside in Memphis or Shelby Co, and currently a victim or survivor of domestic abuse/trauma seeking safety or resources due to recent hardship. These resources are available on a 1st come, 1st serve basis until they run out. We appreciate SisterReach for providing this resource to help our community with basic life necessities. 

*Please note: everyone who fills out this form may not be eligible for this particular grant. However, other options/resources may be available.

Please complete the application below.