imagesIt is officially Spring, although the crazy temperatures have left us to question just exactly what that means in terms of weather. We’ve experienced rain, snow and summer like temperatures in the mid-south over the past two weeks. This morning, it’s partly sunny and 55 degrees. But, despite the ups and downs in the weather, it is still officially spring, and soon, the temperature will finally settle into something consistent and dependable. We will look up and realize that the weather has finally gotten to the point of stability, knowing that we’ll see rain and a few occasions of unusual highs and lows in the temperature. We know that. We expect that. We prepare for that.

The same holds true for someone transitioning from victim to victorious. In the beginning, the walk is uncertain, unpredictable and the transition is anything but easy in most cases. The mental turbulence one goes through is indescribable at times. Some days, you feel safest just staying in the bed. But, as each day passes, new opportunities begin to surface. New challenges become less difficult. Each day develops and enhances  new strengths you didn’t even realize you had. Your mind becomes more clear, more focused, more determined. You can face each day knowing that even with its occasional highs and lows, you can and will survive it. You can and will get through it. You’re prepared for it. You have your spiritual shield, your words of affirmation, your family and friends to support you and your commitment to the one person that had gone lacking for your attention-you.

This is the season for new beginnings. Take full advantage of them. Enjoy the beauty of blooming flowers, rainbows after the storm, the washing away of all things old and the presence of the love and life to come. It’s ok to cry. In fact, tears are good. Use them to wash away those people, places and things that hurt you. There’s a whole new world to be embraced. Spring forward, take a leap of faith and start anew. Only this time, you know that if you should stumble and fall, there all people waiting to catch you, pick you up, encourage you to walk into a new life.