Advocacy “Spotlight”

Kelley Alsobrook, Founder, Ashes2Beauty, Inc.

When it comes to human trafficking and domestic violence, few have taken on the challenge to address it the way that, Kelley has. The founder of Ashes2Beauty, Inc. is committed to bringing awareness to both of these issues by showing the parallels between the two. Not many in our society know and understand the dynamics of human trafficking, oftentimes thinking of it as something that supports high victim numbers in other countries.

The fact is, human trafficking is one of the biggest crimes in the U.S. to date. Kelley, who is a survivor of both, is using her voice to raise awareness, help others to get out safely and teach others about the signs of abuse and trafficking. Most recently, she was afforded the opportunity to take a trip to Modesto, CA to learn about human trafficking programs that could be implemented into the work she’s already begun. She currently has a Beauty for Ashes Abuse Recovery support group which meets once a week and A2B will be hosting its first “Day of Pampering” on February 24th. Their mission statement is “Helping those that have been abused and enslaved become whole again. Bringing them out of the ashes into the beauty they were created to be; working from the inside out.