Thanks so very much to every single person who came out and supported our Sync 4 Your Life Part II Lip Sync/Karaoke event. Dru’s Bar was again our gracious host venue. We had an amazing time for a very worthy cause. The purpose of the event was to bring more community awareness about domestic violence and provide tangible support options for self sufficiency. It is our belief that we must do more than tell victims/survivors of abuse to leave. They must have resources. They must have a safety plan. They must have emotional support. We do ourselves and the people we serve a great injustice when we don’t provide action with our advice.

The evening was filled with “special guest” performances to include Vanilla Ice, Chaka Khan and David Ruffin among others dressed in their best interpretative costumes! We talked about domestic violence and ways the community could get involved. We enjoyed great food and conversation. A good time was had by all, and we look forward to sharing with you about our next community awareness event!