IMG_20130305_194307Rhodes College recently hosted a Take Back The Night event to bring awareness and attention to domestic violence on their campus. I had the opportunity to serve as one of the guest speakers. It is truly a wonderful thing to see college campuses taking on this issue. As I shared in my presentation, college should be a time for having fun, learning things about yourself, meeting new people, sororities, deciding on majors and careers (which often changes), etc…During the time that is usually set aside for such things for many young people, I was married with children and living a life that, at times, included arguing, fighting and struggling with finances. I wanted them to see how simple choices could yield very complex consequences. Focusing on a serious relationship should not be the primary concern. Knowing the signs of an abuser and seeking help if you encounter one are key tools in helping themselves and/or their friends.

The young ladies who hosted the event showed their real concern for making sure that women on their campus were aware of the experiences of others, in addition to knowing that resources are available to them in the event they find themselves in need. I look forward to other initiatives they have planned in order to get the word out about domestic violence and to keep their campus safe.