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Welcome to Walking Into A New Life-Victim to Victorious! Whether you’re a victim, survivor or currently in transition, we celebrate your efforts in making a positive and courageous step towards personal and professional freedom. If you’re an advocate, service provider, business or organization, we invite you to explore our innovative means of providing holistic education and the encouragement of entrepreneurship.

We facilitate and/or participate in programs and initiatives specific to men, women and teens. We continue to acquaint ourselves with current topics and points of interest for those in need. By combining nontraditional with traditional means of support and referrals, we give individuals the necessary tools the need to make their walk into a new life personally and professionally successful.

2014 Theme: Elimination of Intimidation

In 2014, it is our desire to see more individuals, businesses, organizations and religious communities embrace our theme this year of ‘Elimination of Intimidation.’ We have far too many people who are afraid to come forward about their experiences, report abuse or work in the field because of the fear of the repercussions it may cause to their safety, their livelihood, their man/womanhood, respect in the community and/or judgement within their religious setting.

There is strength in numbers and power in unity. We cannot better the future of our fellow man if we are not willing to embrace the best (and worst) parts of their past and present. As we embark on several events and programs this year, we plan to successfully demonstrate the importance of collaboration, hence, generating strength, unity, tangible resources and holistic healing. Economic growth and sustainability is indeed achievable which the right connections, attitude, opportunities and educational resources. We tend to be intimidated that which we don’t understand. Let’s eliminate fear, superstition and doubt, striving to become educated, embrace micro-enterprise development and live the best that life has to offer.

Men Against Domestic Violence (MADV)

Man Against Domestic Violence logo (small)Since 2010, Walking Into A New Life has been consistent in its efforts to draw attention to the male perspective regarding domestic violence. Our Annual Mens Brunch has become a signature event, honoring men in the community who advocate for change in this field. This event also celebrates male survivors and encourages men to come forward, speak up, speak out and work with us. We have several initiatives on the horizon and would love to have you on board to show your support and get involved. Receive information for male victims as well as perpetrators, relevant news, statistics and stories of men who exemplify honor, courage, serve, protect and give back to the community through our blog.