We promote community awareness and provide tangible resources to individuals impacted by domestic violence.

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We will feature a different person in the community
everyday for 31 days, beginning October 1st.

Submit the name of a survivor of domestic violence,
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of the work they do for others.

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Recent News

Domestic Violence Rises During Pandemic

Domestic Violence Rises During Pandemic

The Shelby County Crime Commission announced a sharp increase in domestic violence aggravated assaults during the months of May, June, and July. The entire article was written by Matthew Harris with The Memphis Flyer. You can read it here:...

National Nonprofit Day

National Nonprofit Day

Today is National Nonprofit Day! We appreciate every single person who has supported our efforts to bring awareness and advocacy to a cause we care so much about. Domestic violence impacts more than just a victim and abuser. It affects their families, their friends,...

    Featuring activists & advocates working in the trenches for community causes and social justice.

Domestic Violence Facts

Intimate partner violence accounts for 15% of all violent crime. Many Tennesseeans experience intimate partner physical violence, intimate partner rape and/or intimate partner stalking in their lifetimes.

  • Women 40% 40%
  • Men 32% 32%

Victims of domestic violence may be unable to
leave an abusive partner or may be forced to return to an abusive partner for economic reasons.

When an abuser takes control of or limits access to shared or individual assets or limits the current or future earning potential of the victim as a strategy of power and control, that is economic abuse. Between 94-99% of survivors have also experienced economic abuse

Access to emergency and sustainable resources is crucial for transitioning a domestic violence victim to a survivor and preventing the return to an abuser only to be a victimized again.

Emergency resources including but not limited to; temporary housing, transportation, financial assistance, legal navigation, relocation, and counseling. Once emergency needs are me, then sustainable resources are needed such as: financial recovery education, employment, and permanent housing.

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Our Story

Our Mission is to provide community awareness and share tangible resources & referrals for individuals impacted by domestic violence & its intersections.

Our Vision is a world where those who are impacted by abuse will be believed, supported, and provided the necessary resources to include economic and social justice tools to live freely, safely, and without judgement.

We began as a grassroots movement, hosting our 1st official event in October, 2010 and became an official 501(c)3 non-profit organization in 2014. Since the formation of a board, advisors, and volunteers, WIANL has expanded its reach to survivors through sponsorships, events, and partnering with organizations on a local and national level who work in cross sections of domestic violence advocacy.


flex spending cards

Resources such as gas, co-pays, personal items, etc. are very important for those affected by domestic abuse. Not having them can often make a difference in whether or not a personal leaves or stays in an unhealthy situation. The flex cards offer an extra boost of financial support and confidence needed to make their journey a bit smoother.


When a person chooses to leave an abusive relationship, they put themselves in greater risk of retaliation by the abuser. Relocating to another area can establish a fresh start, help to provide a sense of safety and support from family members, friends or other agencies. The transition may be a bit scary. The goal is to put their minds at ease as they establish a holistically happy, safe, stable life.

REsource referral

Domestic violence include many intersections such as sexual trauma, reproductive rights, housing options, legal assistance, counseling, etc. We work with  individuals, businesses, and organizations to connect victims and survivors of  abuse to the wraparound services for which they may not be aware. We want to eliminate as many barriers  as possible.


Pamper and support day

Since 2011, our quarterly pamper and support day events have provided a sense of community love, support, relaxation, and resources in safe spaces. These food, fun, and fellowship events are designed for those currently dealing with abuse, those who have transitioned out of their abusive relationships, and advocates for the cause.

Men Against Domestic Violence initiatives

In 2012, we began encouraging and promoting male involvement for mentoring, education and healthy relationships through community events, blogging, and various campaigns. We also started an annual Men’s Brunch where we acknolowdge men who play a positive role in this movement.

Community Outreach and Volunteering 

We host events throughout the year to bring DV awareness, advocacy and positive change to the greater Memphis community. Events like “(Lip) Sync for your Life”, “Stepping (Dance) Out Against DV “, cell phone drives, restaurant fundraisers and more. We also volunteer as an organization at other community events.

Policy & Advocacy 

The voices of victims and survivors must be heard and respected without judgement. Decisions regarding policy and advocacy have a much better chance of establishing and maintaining positive results when that happens. See what your local/state representatives are doing for this cause TN General Assembly. Register to vote here.

” Every aspect of what we do here is a direct reflection of needs expressed by victims, survivors, advocates and the community at large.”


Joyce Kyles
Founder and CEO

Community Partners


Pearl Walker 
“The Hair Deva”
Bennie Cobb 
Eagle Eye Security
Bridgette Rodriguez 
Founding Sponsor