Christie Taylor, a nationally renowned radio, film and television personality has always shared a passion for community service and social causes. She can currently be heard on the airwaves as a radio personality on WRBO FM’s 103.5, an extension of Cumulus Media. She shared her desires to include domestic violence as part of station’s community service platform, and management agreed. To learn more about the amazingly talented Christie Taylor, go here:

Our Executive Director, Joyce Kyles, can now be heard over the airwaves providing the first of a series of PSAs (public service announcement) regarding domestic violence and encouraging listeners to visit the WIANL website or call in for additional information. It is an opportunity for which we are all grateful to have. We have received positive feedback since the PSA’s began. Being able to inform the community about important statistics and available resources/referrals is key. For some, it’s sharing more awareness. For others, it’s a chance for those going through abuse to know there are people in the community who care. We are constantly looking at ways to best serve the community and connecting with more individuals and organizations to further our collective strength to educate and assist those in need of love, support and various forms of resources. We will continue our commitment and are honored to have the opportunity to use our voice on the radio in this way.